Pascal Couillard

Pushing ourselves to experience new adventures, take on new challenges and achieve greater personal heights is a way of life we should all strive for. While there are countless amazing causes, this one is near and dear to me. The Tip of the Toes Foundation is a remarkable organization that allows young people affected by cancer the opportunity to live new outdoor adventures. Deviating from the routine to explore and push their limits allows these brave souls the chance to live restorative experiences. These "therapeutic adventures help to heal the heart, the spirit and the soul" as they put it so well. Ps. I`ll also hope to beat my last year’s and pray for milder weather!
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825 $
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1 000 $
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27-09-2022JonathanMartinetLet's go!!!100.00 $
07-12-2022JoeyGaskellGo off king!!25.00 $
08-12-2022GenevieveCouillardGo bruh go!50.00 $
08-12-2022judylitvackGreat cause Pascal.... good luck!*****
11-12-2022RichardBeaumierBravo Pascal Couillard! Louise, Pierre et Richard*****
05-01-2023NicoleClermontYou ste the best!!! I love you ️100.00 $
06-01-2023FrancoisCouillardGreat effort!!! I'm proud of you.200.00 $

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