Peter Goulos


I am up for the challenge to cross Lac St.-Jean over 3 days. Sleeping out in the cold for 2 nights will definitely make this an interesting adventure.
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850 $
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1 500 $
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18-11-2021NancyPelletierGood Luck Peter!25.00 $
19-11-2021DaleLambieBest of luck Peter. Please share pictures of your adventure!!!25.00 $
17-12-2021WentingZhouwhat a great cause Great Job Pete100.00 $
20-12-2021MathieuMartinWhat a great adventure. Have fun!50.00 $
24-12-2021StefanoBonofiglio100.00 $
25-12-2021KarlGuimontBonne traversée 50.00 $
28-12-2021SarahCabottGood luck Goulos!!100.00 $
07-02-2022ConradFernandesHope you not freezing up there.50.00 $
10-02-2022PeterGoulos200.00 $

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