Jeffrey Goernert

Fantastic adventure for a very worthy cause.
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3 810 $
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2 000 $
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05-12-2022JeffreyGoernert1500.00 $
10-01-2023TimGoernertCrush it bro!100.00 $
10-01-2023WilliamAllenBring extra socks!50.00 $
10-01-2023EdgarHay-EllisGood luck, Jeff and don't forget your Long Johns!50.00 $
10-01-2023BrianPerronAll the best, stay safe, and God bless you in all you do for those in need... B&J300.00 $
10-01-2023MikeHahnGood Luck Jeffrey. Good to see you doing this. 50.00 $
10-01-2023MarcNencioniBravo Jeff Quite impressive Good luck Marc 250.00 $
11-01-2023AngelaRiversWay to go Cousin!!100.00 $
11-01-2023DavidSklivasGood luck Jeffrey! Happy to be part of your expedition. 150.00 $
11-01-2023LeoDa EstrelaCongratulations on taking on this initiative! 25.00 $
12-01-2023KimBullettGood luck Jeffrey!*****
12-01-2023RonWeiserBravo, Grandpa Jeffrey! You're a hard act to follow. Be safe!100.00 $
14-01-2023GeorginaRiversI wish you the best of luck on your trek, Jeffrey & I am happy to help in this appeal for youth fighting this dreadful disease.*****
19-01-2023MarcoOuelletGood luck100.00 $
21-01-2023PhillipGoernertBravo Jeffrey! 100.00 $
31-01-2023MargaretHemelin50.00 $
31-01-2023JudithBishop20.00 $
31-01-2023ElisabethSattler20.00 $
31-01-2023donanonyme5.00 $

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