Tom Hunt

Hi..! I'm Tom - I'm 23, from the UK and recently moved to Montreal having finished my studies in Australia. I love this kind of challenge, and a bit of physical hardship is always a nice escape from the comfort of working from home! However, what I love even more is the mission statement of the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation. I have previously run ultramarathons, climbed mountains and completed various other endurance challenges; and what I have found is that people always ask "why would you do that"? I have also found that such a question only comes from those who have not participated in such challenges. To those who have experienced the benefits first hand - the rationale is obvious. Knowing these benefits, the idea of helping young people with cancer take on outdoor adventures really strikes a chord with me. I hope that if I were in their position I would still have been able to do all that I have done, and that there would be enough goodwill and generosity in the world to help me meet my ambition and dream my dreams.
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