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Mark Richards

Rio Tinto Montréal

Having seen the physical and psychological effects of cancer within my family, I applaud the work of On the Tip of the Toes Foundation, as well as the support of Rio Tinto and other partners. I am also a recent arrival in Canada (from warmer climes in Australia) who is passionate about the outdoors and looking forward to the full Canadian winter experience!

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13-12-2019Helene AnneRichards200.00 $
17-01-2020ToddMalan100.00 $
20-01-2020TaynaThorpe50.00 $
20-01-2020GenevieveLatour50.00 $
20-01-2020JenniferBowcock20.00 $
21-01-2020KerenVij20.00 $
21-01-2020MichelleAeschlimann50.00 $
21-01-2020MajellaHurney50.00 $
21-01-2020JonathanGrant20.00 $
24-01-2020EtienneLamy50.00 $
27-01-2020MaudeDeaudelin-Jarvah20.00 $
28-01-2020MarkRichards250.00 $
30-01-2020DiversDonateurs250.00 $
07-02-2020AlexandraGuaqueta30.00 $
10-02-2020MichelleAdams20.00 $
10-02-2020BlakeO'Neill20.00 $
04-03-2020NicholasRichards-Bentley300.00 $

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